Company Description

Semos is an independent software company focusing on design, development, implementation and support of sophisticated enterprise solutions. We have experience in building and delivering HR solutions to customers over the last two decades. As an SAP Partner, we have built and certified our SAP SuccessFactors extensions on SAP Cloud Platform with close technical cooperation and business support from SAP. We continue to invest, develop and innovate on SAP Cloud Platform with our Engagement Suite of SAP SuccessFactors extensions. Data security is something that employees take for granted when they share their valuable information with the employer. With so many parties involved in the rewards administration journey, there is a significant burden on the employer to ensure that this process is secure. Total rewards hub software running on the SAP Cloud Platform alleviates this burden through robust processes and an internationally recognized certification, such as ISO 27001.

Technical Info

TRHub is developed natively as an XS application on SAP HANA DB. TRHub runs on the SAP Cloud Platform, and uses HCP App services like Document Mgmt, SAP ID Service, Connectivity, Cloud Portal. TRHub is integrated with SAP’s solutions such as SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and SAP Jam.


North America
Semos Software LLC

EU - Germany
Semos GmbH

Semos Group