Keeps you organized

Rewards and benefits management is inherently complex, often involving some degree of manual administration, multiple systems and many different reward types, varying both from country to country and from benefit to benefit. Administrators have to deal with internal systems (e.g. HRIS, Payroll), external systems (e.g. vendor portals, tax portals) and local systems (e.g. intranets, shared folders). It’s not surprising that there is typically confusion, repetition and mismanagement involved. There is also the challenge for employers to ensure that their employees truly value the package offered, and recognize the investment that the company makes in its reward spend.

Solution features and overall capabilities

Excellence occurs every day at companies and we’re committed to helping you build a stronger culture of employee engagement to acknowledge that excellence. That’s why we partnered with SAP to create our Engagement Suite on SAP HANA with intelligent set of solutions that complement the standardized HR processes found in SAP SuccessFactors.

The engagement suite of solutions are developed and deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform, which delivers the best-in-class performance and technical integration with SAP’s existing system landscape. They are operated and run in the same SAP Data Centers as standard SAP cloud functionality such as SAP SuccessFactors. This ensures to deliver the highest enterprise security and data protection for customers when using any of our solutions for sensitive data such as employee feedback and talent processes.

Enterprise Integration

Go beyond the core SAP / SuccessFactors's data sources and integrate and administer custom sources of employee benefits. TR-Hub harmonizes the data from multiple backends and simplifies user interaction for the best total rewards experience.

Note that this solution would require the underlying HR systems like the SAP on-premise HR and SuccessFactors modules to be implemented and data to be available for consumption, integration, and visualization. We can also support additional features and specific simulation of benefit options as part of a custom implementation and development effort.

Employee Processes and Experience

All employee processes in our solutions are supported for peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, employee-to-manager, and team relevant experience. They all follow simple and consistent experience when interacting with the system. The process is also guided with user assistance with documentation appearing on the right side panel for faster and error-free completion of tasks.

Various aspects in the employee processes can be configured in the system based on the preferences of the customer’s HR program. There is also pre-configured content and examples available out-of-the-box for our solutions.

Access and Dashboards

Access to the total rewards and work-life solutions can be integrated inside the SAP SuccessFactors home page that employees and HR use. The native tiles visualize KPIs and quick highlights from each solution while also providing deep links to the respective solution dashboards and detailed functionality. All done via single sign-on.

Each of our solutions come also with a default landing page to give an instant overview of all the functionalities. For example in the JobPts module, the employee can: create recognitions, redeem points in instant rewards, check out the ranking, view anniversaries of colleagues in the team, access program documentation and social feeds, etc. All of this functionality is nicely laid out and organized in easy-to-use “tiles” with single click or touch to access.

Your Data and Security

Data security is something that employees take for granted when they share their valuable information with the employer. With so many parties involved in the rewards administration journey, there is a significant burden on the employer to ensure that this process is secure. Total rewards hub software running on the SAP Cloud Platform alleviates this burden through robust processes and an internationally recognized certification, such as ISO 27001.