Everything that is important in One Place

One hub for all: compensation, benefits, recognition, employee assests and communication.

Total Rewards Hub is a SAP SuccessFactors extension to streamline rewards and benefits administration, drive high levels of employee engagement, gain a better perception of the total rewards package, and reduce any exposure to risk.

Improving Efficiency in HR Administration

Centralized hub for total rewards offers great reduction of complexity, scalability and time savings.

Time spent addressing and resolving queries and the volume of queries received are reduced through either employee self-service or easy to access information through the administration functionality.

Demonstrating the value of an organization’s investment in its employees – in rewards and benefits – dramatically increases the engagement of your employees with an appreciation for their total reward packages.

Total Rewards Hub with an intuitive employee-facing UIs allows businesses to demonstrate the total value of benefits provision on an individual employee level.

No need of additional cost

Many organizations want to implement co-pay or flexible rewards arrangements in order to drive engagement and/or manage costs. Technology enables such arrangements to be easily communicated to employees and this means there is no additional administration overhead.

Centralized rewards administration

Employee benefits data in most businesses resides in a multitude of locations, from HRIS, to payroll, to provider systems, to spread sheets on junior administrator’s desktops. Hub gives employers a single source of truth that ensures the right employees receive the right benefits at the right time while controlling who has access to what data.